Grand Prairie Corners

Adjacent to 290,000 SF Ikea and The Epic with over 2,700 multifamily units planned within a one radius, providing retail to under-served daytime population.

Consumer Profiles

Singles and Starters

Young singles starting out and some starter families living a city lifestyle.

Family Union

Middle income, middle-aged families living in homes supported by solid blue-collar occupations.

Cultural Connections

Diverse, mid- and low-income families in urban apartments and residences.

Property Highlights

  • Adjacent to 290,000 SF Ikea
  • Over 2,700 multi-family units planned within 1 miles
  • The Epic is an $88 million project north of the site and includes a year round water park and recreation center
  • Under-served daytime population

Major: Up & Coming Families

A market in transition—residents are younger and more mobile than the previous generation. They are ambitious, working hard to get ahead, and willing to take some risks to achieve their goals. The recession has impacted their financial well-being, but they are optimistic. Their homes are new; their families are young. And this is one of the fastest-growing markets in the country.

  • New suburban periphery: new families in new housing subdivisions.
  • Building began in the housing boom of the 2000s and continues in this fast-growing market
  • Single-family homes with a median value of $194,400 and a lower vacancy rate.
  • The price of affordable housing: longer commute time.
Available Spaces
  • Suite 9 (1,918 sf)

Traffic Counts

State Highway 161
179,102 VPD (2021)

Mayfield Road
30,400 VPD (2021)

Demographic Survey

Total Population:

  • 1 mile: 16,008
  • 3 miles: 118,951
  • 5 miles: 271,217

Total Daytime Population:

  • 1 mile: 13,098
  • 3 miles: 103,757
  • 5 miles: 242,383

Average Household Income:

  • 1 mile: $81,149
  • 3 miles: $80,372
  • 5 miles: $72,839

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